Backing Up

It’s been too long since I’ve updated the site…  I sold my desktop computer a few weeks ago, am backing up lots of live recordings and starting to wade through the mixes and getting organized and ready to build my new system.  I still have to make a fan baffle for my computer cabinet.  Still troubleshooting some gear and mods I’m perfecting.  Still chomping at the bit.

On the bright side, I should have mixes finalized on an upcoming Dream Journey program/short film with Matthew Kelly , as well as a good bit of Foley for the philosophically intriguing Discover Kasper short film by Seth Christian.  I’ll be uploading some photos and shootout samples of my mods on some Chinese made condensers soon (MXL 990’s with M7 mylar knockoff capsules and some circuit upgrades 😀  can’t wait to be using these as room/overhead/VO mics or anything where I need a little darker flavor… oh, and a version of the 550 with a P-48 capsule as my FET47 lookalike… I won’t claim it sounds alike. haha… and what else, mostly little tweaks otherwise [and mostly cheap transformerless stuff and inexpensive parts for now].)

For now I’ll just add some photos of the AKG ‘The Tube’ that I modded with an RK-12 capsule (C-12/ELA M251 knockoff from; not a bad start, especially for the sub-$120-range but doesn’t have some of the extended bass and highs of the real deal) that I did for Bob Farnsworth’s Hummingbird Productions…  with a little help machining the capsule stand from Shannon Rhoades over at Mic Rehab (who happened to get an identical capsule in the mail that day for one of his clients’ mods… haha)

Look at that good transformer iron & copper

Look at that good transformer iron & copper

P-48 capsule being removed

The RK-12 with handmade P-48 style mount, courtesy of Shannon's drill press

The RK-12 with handmade P-48 style mount, courtesy of Shannon’s drill press

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