I was never that interested in building electronics…  I understood signal flow and how to wire things from a young age, but playing with electricity sort of scared me!  By my teens I was building computers and installing car stereos and home theaters, but it wasn’t until I was a Belmont audio engineering student that I truly became interested in electronics at the component level.

So Belmont spoiled me with all the same physics and studio maintenance classes that became ABET accredited the year after my graduation… It sent me from making my own cables and fixing simple issues beforehand, to designing and building my own gear, modifying existing gear, and in general just having a better understanding of what I am doing with most any piece of equipment I start to figure out and use.  Electronics is the side of audio engineering (perhaps second to metallurgy) about which I have the most to learn, but I am regularly poring over schematics and reading white papers and continuing to do that a little at a time.  It’s tempting to become an EE! 😛

Check back, as I am hoping to post pictures and sound samples of my upcoming Chinese mic mod prototypes (I really wanted some sweet sounding condenser mics on the cheap, so I modified mine; I could be persuaded to mod your mics also!).  Hopefully in the future I’ll have some other projects and prototypes to show here as I can afford parts.

If you’d like to commission some custom built equipment, email me and we’ll discuss it; even after parts and labor, I can typically deliver on both quality and cost as long as you aren’t in a hurry.

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