Location Audio

Location audio is so much fun!

I live in a condo with traffic roaring outside, so most anywhere is preferable to recording here (not to mention I hate to inconvenience my neighbors with drums and bass bleeding through the thin plaster walls).

That is why I’ve been trying to keep my front-end recording rig pretty mobile, ready to drop my rack box, mic stands, and mics in my trunk and go out to record where the ambience is just right — whether it’s a rock band in an attic or church, a split off a venue’s FOH snake, or audio for synch with video.

Currently my rig is an RME UFX60 recorder/interface with a MOTU Traveler mk.1 each with  4 transformerless mic pre’s, paired with a quartet of API 2098 console pre’s with Jensen transformers and Scott Liebers’ blue-dot 2520’s (for now I’m only using these with AC mains… maybe I’ll give battery power a shot one day, though).

I also keep a little Tascam DR-40 around that works well for videography or as a stereo room mic in a pinch.

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